Wednesday, October 16, 2013

So much more should be said about this, but in case nothing gets said, here it is:  we've finished (this afternoon) our very first Mission Tour with a General Authority since arriving.  Elder Paul V. Johnson of the Seventy and his wife, Jill, visited with us for two wonderful days.  The weather was glorious, so of course they don't believe us when we talk about needing to be prepared for bad weather.  The Spirit was strong in our meetings.  We met in a multizone conference in Mt. Vernon with the north end of the mission yesterday, followed that with a meeting of our Mission Leader Council (Assistants, Zone Leaders, Sister Training Leaders), then dashed south for a Stake Missionary Coordination meeting with the Everett Stake President and high councilor and zone leaders.  Elder and Sister Johnson spoke at the first two meetings and observed at the third.  Today we toured the mission office and then held a multizone conference with the south end of the mission.  Then Elder Johnson did some more 1:1 interviews and we took him to President Choi's home (Seattle Mission President) where we all had dinner.  One of my counselors in the mission presidency and three of our seven stake presidents attended parts of the conference with us.  It was excellent.

Maybe there will be more news to come . . .

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